Bill Division Solution in Kotlin -HackerRank

  • bill: an array of integers representing the cost of each item ordered
  • k: an integer representing the zero-based index of the item Anna doesn’t eat
  • b: the amount of money that Anna contributed to the bill
4 1 
3 10 2 9

fun bonAppetit(bill: Array<Int>, k: Int, b: Int): Unit {
var annaBill = 0for(x in 0 until bill.size) {
val it = bill[x]
if (x != k) {
annaBill += it

if (annaBill / 2 == b) "Bon Appetit"
else b - annaBill / 2
4 1 
3 10 2 9
Bon Appetit




Hey curious person, I am Software Developer

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Umar Syaid Himawan

Umar Syaid Himawan

Hey curious person, I am Software Developer

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