Day of the Programmer solution in Kotlin -HackerRank

  • Divisible by 400.
  • Divisible by 4 and not divisible by 100.
  • year: an Integer
fun dayOfProgrammer(year: Int): String {    var result = ""

if (year >= 1700 && year <= 1917) {
result = if (year%4 == 0) "12.09.$year" else "13.09.$year"
} else if (year == 1918) {
result = "26.09.$year"
} else {
if (year%400 == 0) {
result = "12.09.$year"
} else if (year%4==0 && year%100 != 0) {
result = "12.09.$year"
} else {
result = "13.09.$year"
return result




Hey curious person, I am Software Developer

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Umar Syaid Himawan

Umar Syaid Himawan

Hey curious person, I am Software Developer

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