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Given a square matrix of size N x N, calculate the absolute difference between the sums of its diagonals.

Input Format

The first line contains a single integer, N. The next N lines denote the matrix’s rows, with each line containing N space-separated integers describing the columns.


  • -100 < Elements in the matrix < 100

Output Format

Print the absolute difference between the two sums of the matrix’s diagonals as a single integer.

Sample Input

11 2 4
4 5 6
10 8 -12

Sample Output



fun diagonalDifference(arr: Array<Array<Int>>): Int {
// Write your code here
var rightDiagonal = 0
var leftDiagonal = 0
for (x in 0 until arr.size) {
rightDiagonal += arr[x][arr.size-1-x]
leftDiagonal += arr[x][x]
return Math.abs(leftDiagonal - rightDiagonal) // integer value still positive}



Sum across the primary diagonal: 11 + 5–12 = 4

The secondary diagonal is:


Sum across the secondary diagonal: 4 + 5 + 10 = 19

Difference: |4–19| = 15




Hey curious person, I am Software Developer

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Umar Syaid Himawan

Umar Syaid Himawan

Hey curious person, I am Software Developer

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