Grading Students Solution in Kotlin -HackerRank

  • Every student receives a grade in the inclusive range from 0 to 100 .
  • Any grade less than 40 is a failing grade.
  • If the difference between the grade and the next multiple of 5 is less than 3, round grade up to the next multiple of 5.
  • If the value of grade is less than 38, no rounding occurs as the result will still be a failing grade.
  • grade = 84 round to 85 (85–84 is less than 3)
  • grade = 29 do not round (result is less than 40)
  • grade = 57 do not round (60–57 is 3 or higher)
  • int grades[n]: the grades before rounding
  • int[n]: the grades after rounding as appropriate


fun gradingStudents(grades: Array<Int>): Array<Int> {var gradeList : MutableList<Int> = ArrayList()   grades.forEach() { item ->        if  (item >= 38 && item % 5 > 2 ) {
val total = item + (5 - item % 5)
} else {
}return gradeList.toTypedArray()




Hey curious person, I am Software Developer

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Umar Syaid Himawan

Umar Syaid Himawan

Hey curious person, I am Software Developer

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