Time Conversion Solution in Kotlin — HackerRank


fun timeConversion(s: String): String {
* Write your code here.
val getZone = s.substring(8, 10)
val getTime = s.substring(0, 8)
val getHour = s.substring(0, 2)
val getMinutes = s.substring(2, 8)
var result: String
if (getZone == "AM") {
result = if (getHour == "12") "00$getMinutes" else getTime
} else {
var sum = getHour.toInt() + 12
result = if (getHour == "12") getTime else "$sum$getMinutes"
return result




Hey curious person, I am Software Developer

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Umar Syaid Himawan

Umar Syaid Himawan

Hey curious person, I am Software Developer

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